Stereoscopic Depth Sensor

About one year ago, Nerian Vision Technologies introduced the SP1 stereo vision system, which is an innovative sensor solution for 3D…

DC Brushless Motor ECMDC75A

Electric Motor Solutions is pleased to announced the introduction of the Model ECMDC75A series of DC Brushless Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM)…

TBS1000 Oscilloscope Series

Tektronix Entry Level TBS1000 Oscilloscope Series, giving electrical engineers, educators and hobbyist an affordable, dependable and full-featured tool for a wide…

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Visual Processing System

Visual Processing System

The article below is by our reader Kyle Stuart, where he introduces his work: ————————————————————————————————————— The worlds only optical artificial intelligence system The visual processing system is an…

A Swarm Robotics Study: mROBerTO

Underwater robot for hull cleaning


Autonomous Snowplow Competition

Autonomous Snowplow Competition

The Seventh Autonomous Snowplow Competition, taking place in conjunction with the Saint Paul Winter Carnival in Minnesota, began…


Drone Sports

Drone Sports

Drone Racing is the fastest growing sport in the world; in less than two years MultiGP Drone Racing…


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TrueBot for HR and Security

TrueBot for HR and Security

A Russian made robot called TrueBot, is specifically designed to detect if a person is telling the truth…

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