Germany and Italy are looking to buy new UAVs

The UAVs called MQ-9 reaper, can carry four Hellfire missiles and two 500-pound laser guided bombs, and remain aloft tracking a target for long periods of time and are also know as Hunter reaper drone.The drones cost between 200 to 300 million dollars each. By making use of the drones, both countries are hoping to […]

Jumping two wheeled robot

Jumping two wheeled robot

South Korean scientists made a robot that is able to assess the obstacle (and the height of it) in front of itself and the jump. The robot makes use of two recycled plastic bottles and gains its upward pushing power by compressed air inside. See video below.

Japanese and European Scientists meet to discuss robotics

Japanese and European scientists gathered in Japan to discuss the latest developments in robotics. Organized by European Science Foundation and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, provided a platform to young researchers to discuss their ideas on cognitive sciences and robotics. The main topics discussed were autonomous movement, biped walking principles based on zero […]

Humanoid NAO bot in development

The French start-up company Alderaban Robotics based in Paris is developing a highly skilled humanoid robot called NAO. Although there is no definite date yet as far as the commercial availability, its website shows end of 2008 currently. Weighing 4.5 kilograms and at a height of 57cm, the robot stands somewhere between the most humanoid […]

The New Robobuilder software

RoboBuilder is the new building block robot kit on the scene. Designed for robot enthusiasts and education alike RoboBuilder hits a sweet spot with feature packed kits at great prices.Its designers focused on form as much as function and the result is a great looking robot. The 5720T kit even sports translucent plastic with multicolored […]

New software improves programming efficiency

A new software called Robotmaster eliminates the need to stop the production while programming robots. The software that has recently been introduced by Inhouse Solutions Inc. has a graphical interface to calibrate all the programming parameters after which it optimizes the program through a simulator and processes it into a robot ready file. For more […]

FANUC Robotics Receives USDA Acceptance for M-430iA Robot

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., July 21, 2008. FANUC Robotics America, Inc. today announced that its M-430iA/2F high-speed, food picking robot is the first and only robot to meet the hygiene requirements for meat and poultry processing, and receive equipment acceptance from the United States Department of Agriculture. “We’re extremely proud that the M-430iA is built in […]

New Generation Of Home Robots Have Gentle Touch

ScienceDaily (July 14, 2008) Who doesn’t long for household help at times? Service robots will soon be able to relieve us of heavy, dirty, monotonous or irksome tasks. Research scientists have now presented a new generation of household robots, the “Care-O-bot® 3”. (Read more at ScienceDaily at the link below.) Reference:

The Crab Robot

The new robot crab that has just been released seems to have much more capabilities than its cheap price suggests. It is able to respond to its environment by avoiding obstacles, respond to hand clapping or loud banging sound by running away. It is also capable of responding to light by moving toward darker spots. […]

Microsoft’s robotics challenge

Microsoft plans a series of virtual robotics challenges based on its robotics development software called Microsoft Robotics Studio.The challenges will include a self driving car, search and rescue mission and a mars rover. Named Robochamps, the challenges are expected to be launched in April 09. Read more here Reference:

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