Robot that walks on vertical surfaces

A new type of robot that can climb on vertical surfaces by utilizing electrostatic forces have been developed. It can walk on all kinds of different surfaces by generating electrical charges and maintains adhesion when the surface generates the opposite charge. The power source is located on the robot and it applies its electrical charges […]

Robot imager evaluates tiny tissues

A new hi tech imaging technique developed in Germany using an imaging robot called “Nanozoomer” makes it possible for the first time to automatically reproduce and evaluate tissue slices in ultra high resolution and in various planes. Researchers are calling this a quantum leap in tissue research. Please click below for original article at upi. […]

I-robot robotic lawnmover

I-robot filed a new patent for the new lawn moving robot. The features for the new robot will include sensing uncut grass and making sure the blades are aligned, possibility of collecting clippings and depositing them at a specified location, possibility of proximity sensors to avoid running into pets or people, learning your lawn for […]

ESA’s Lunar Robotics Challenge for universities

European Space agency has organized a competition for universities that will challenge students to build robotic vehicle that is capable of working in difficult terrain, retireve samples, return to landing site, remote operation capabilities. There are also certain power and weight limitations. Eight universities throughout Europe has been selected to participate.For more, please see link […]

Robot removes tumour for a precise heart surgery

A precise heart surgery has been performed in Melbourne, Australia, to remove a tumour from a delicate region of a 77 old woman’s heart. The robotic system called “da Vinci” which has been used by the hospital since 2004, has performed about 200 operations so far. The robot copies the movements of heart surgeons with […]

The new EGN 80 and 160 grippers from SCHUNK

SCHUNK has expanded its EGN series of servo electric 2-finger parallel grippers to include sizes 80 and 160 to the existing size 100. The new sizes have a stroke per finger of 8 and 16 millimeters, respectively. This upward and downward expansion of the series now makes it possible to use the exact size of […]

Robot learns to use new tools by itself

A new robot has been developed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, which can learn to use new tools by itself. It achieves this by touching and moving the tool first and observe how it’s parts move in relation to each other. One of the biggest challenges in robotics has always been to make them […]

The robot that climbs in the pipe

Industrial pipe systems are inaccessible and narrow. The pipes can be vertical and have junctions. Just as challenging, leakage points in the water system must be located, the condition of oil and gas pipelines must be checked and ventilation systems need to be cleaned.In the main, today’s robots are not that clever. They cannot climb […]

ABB Robotics Takes It To The Streets

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (BUSINESS WIRE) Robot Manufacturer Continues ”Robotics On The Move – Partnership In Productivity Tour”. ABB Robotics continues “Robotics On The Move, Partnership In Productivity Tour,” a mobile tour to span across North America reaching manufacturing facilities as well as schools and universities. Designed to connect with manufacturers and students alike, the tour […]

General Motors, Carnegie Mellon Commit To Develop Driverless Vehicles

PITTSBURGH, General Motors Corp. and Carnegie Mellon University today announced a new Collaborative Research Lab (CRL) and a renewed commitment to work jointly on technologies that will accelerate the emerging field of autonomous driving – a family of electronics and software technologies that could influence the way drivers and their vehicles interact in the future. […]