The AI report

The development of AI and robotics together is a subject that seems inevitably true to everyone but how and when is a question that almost everyone has a different idea about. The AI report that has recently been published at includes articles from different experts on the field. The main topics discussed are intelligence, […]

Sony And Braintech Demo Robotic Manufacturing Solution At 2009 Robots & Vision Show

Sony XCI-SX100/XP Smart Camera Driven by eVF Lite Software Assembles Lawnmower EngineROSEMONT, Ill., June 9, 2009. Sony Electronics and Braintech Inc. are demonstrating a new robotic solution for performing precision assembly tasks at the 2009 International Robots & Vision Show. The demo features a Sony XCI-SX100/XP Smart Camera with an embedded PC running Braintech eVF […]

New AI study: Physical Intelligence

The recent study done by DARPA to uncover mysteries of human intelligence, approaches the subject from a different perspective. The study seeks to model how intelligence works by creating a new theory that is based on principles of thermodynamics. The laws of thermodynamics deal with the total energy within any given closed or open system, […]

Braintech Supports Vision Guided Robotic Accuracy Tests

Braintech’s Vision Software Installed on a FANUC Robot provides Test Bed for Experiments.MCLEAN, Va., May 18, 2009. Braintech Inc. (OTC BB: BRHI) is actively supporting an applied research project at a national research laboratory to evaluate the accuracy of visual sensors that measure position and orientation in manufacturing applications in real time. Braintech has loaned […]

Robot navigation system that can remember visited places

British Scientists have created a robot navigation system that is based on visual recognition of a set of different objects in a particular scene,which enables the navigating robot recognize the location if it has been visited before. The robot does this by assigning a definitive description to the scene which consists of 1000 words, every […]

Braintech delivers vision guided robotic software for Sony smart camera

Braintech’s Technology Running on Sony Smart Cameras Provides Compact Robot Vision System. MCLEAN, VA., Feb. 9, 2009. Braintech Inc. has certified its eVisionFactory Lite (eVF Lite) software to run on Sony Electronics’ new generation of Smart Cameras (XCI-SX100/XP), creating a compact vision system suitable for a broad spectrum of 2D and 3D robotic vision guidance […]

Developing a robot that evolves its moves

Developing of the brain is highly interconnected with our senses. To simulate the natural brain development, the AI research needs to include sensory input and output constantly feeding information back and forth to the controlling mechanism. This is where the backbone of our intelligence lies. The article in New Scientist in the link below, is […]

Can IBM replicate human brain?

It is now a reality that after decades of computer history, we are nowhere near to a real artificial intelligence. This is not like the computer programmers of the past were probably envisioning our age. The common thought a couple decades ago was, as soon as the computers have enough processing capability, the Artificial Intelligence […]

Carnegie Mellon Theory of Visual Computation Reveals How Brain Makes Sense of Natural Scenes

PITTSBURGH: Computational neuroscientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a computational model thatprovides insight into the function of the brain’s visual cortex and the information processing that enables people to perceive contours and surfaces, and understand what they see in the world around them. A type of visual neuron known as simple cells can detect […]

Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008

Software development platform allows academics, hobbyists and commercial vendors to simplify the creation of robotics applications across a wide variety of hardware.SANTA CLARA, Calif. Nov. 17, 2008, At the RoboDevelopment Conference and Expo in Santa Clara, Calif., Microsoft Corp. today announced the general availability of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 (Microsoft RDS), the newest version […]