Current development of AI in computer games

As the computer capabilities and as a result online computer games improve, the Artificial Itelligence software that is being used to manage these games is also evolving. In the annual Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference (AIIDE) held at Stanford University last month, the progress of and different aspects of AI has been discussed […]

AI programs compete for prize for passing Turing test

Six computer programs will compete for the $100,000 and a gold medal Loebner prize in order to pass the Turing Test. The test was devised half a century ago by the great mathematician Alan Turing. The procedure of test is simply to be able to recognize a computer program from a human speaker, without knowing […]

New word recognition software for internet

The new software that has recently been introduced by Cognition Technologies, is aimed to teach the computer the “meanings” of words.This might just be the beginning of the web 3.0, before the 2.0 version is over. It also looks like a huge step paving the way toward the strong Artificial Intelligence. When the computers are […]

Neurotechnology Releases SentiSight 2.0 SDK Universal Object Recognition

Algorithm Provides Enhanced Recognition Capabilities for Use in a Wide Range of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision ApplicationsVilnius, Lithuania, September 10, 200, Neurotechnology (, a provider of high-precision biometric and object identification technologies, today announced the availability of SentiSight 2.0 SDK universal object recognition technology for the development of robotics, artificial intelligence and computer-based […]

Teaching robots to follow

Scientists at UC Davis in US have come up with a solution to teach robots to follow a leader by using behavioral cues. Usually robots have trouble following a leader when the leader disappears out of sight. The robots that are enabled with behavioral cue detection have performed with much more success in predicting and […]

OpenJAUS software update

OpenJAUS has announced their latest codebase, OpenJAUSv3.3.0. JAUS was first released in 2006 and provides a framework that allows companies to implement their robotic software. The latest code update has been in development since nine months. The JAUS project is open source and is run by volunteer robotic system designers, and software developers. The new […]

Teaching language to A.I.

A new project that is about to start in Plymouth University of United Kingdom, the research team is aiming to teach robots the “meaning” of words. Currently the robots can process words without grasping the meaning like humans. The project aims to do this by mimicking the language teaching techniques to a child. In order […]

Robots learn moving autonomously

A new software that has been presented at the Artificial Life Conference in UK, demonstrated the virtual entities learning ability without human intervention to do a particular move, by only knowing the ultimate position. The robot does not know anything about its environment in the beginning. Then by trial and error, it gradually refines its […]

The New Robobuilder software

RoboBuilder is the new building block robot kit on the scene. Designed for robot enthusiasts and education alike RoboBuilder hits a sweet spot with feature packed kits at great prices.Its designers focused on form as much as function and the result is a great looking robot. The 5720T kit even sports translucent plastic with multicolored […]

New software improves programming efficiency

A new software called Robotmaster eliminates the need to stop the production while programming robots. The software that has recently been introduced by Inhouse Solutions Inc. has a graphical interface to calibrate all the programming parameters after which it optimizes the program through a simulator and processes it into a robot ready file. For more […]