Robot chefs are in the kitchen

A modified version of Motoman industrial robots is able to cook and make Japanese omelette. The robots cooking ability is not limited to just one dish either. The more interesting thing about the robot is that same robot is also able to assemble cameras. Android’s each arm is able to carry up to 10kg of […]

Snow sweeping robot

A new robot is in development for sweeping snow at the roofs of flat buildings. The robot is remote controlled and weighs 220 pounds, not more heavier than a human labor required to do the same job.During warmer months, the robot can be equipped with mover blades or sweeping attachments. As the visual recognition software […]

Automating world’s largest trucks

Autonomous driving technology has been improving in the recent years. For instance, the competition held every year in the US organized by DARPA has hostedmore and more improved competing autonomous vehicles every subsequent year. While the vehicles were not even able to complete a few miles by themselves just a few years ago, last year, […]

Robotic mine to be launched in Australia

Due to the extreme labor shortage, the miner Rio Tinto in Australia is launching automated robotic trucks to do the job. The vehicles are equipped with computers, lasers and advanced GPS systems. The company is anticipating significant cost savings due to the use of these robotic vehicles. AI software necessary to run the system is […]

Solar Powered Robot Lawnmover

The new robotic Lawnmower introduced by Husqvarna is able to cut lawns and return to its charging station by itself. Taking advantage of its solar panels, it can move 1300 sf per hour and can run 90 minutes on one charge. For more please click here.

Robots cleaning ship hull

A new robot has been developed in Europe, which removes marine growth from ship hull. The robot does this by first creating a map of the ship’s hull surface area, which includes all irregularities such as thickness change, weld locations, rivets and indentations. The pressurized sea water is then used to remove the marine growth […]

WowWee WiFi surveillance robot available for preorder in US

The WiFi enabled mobile webcam platform has a price tag of $299. The product is expected to be available for shipping by end of September.The product has already been listed on Amazon although it does not have any availability date, but yet not on stores that usually list company’s products, such as Target, Wal-Mart or […]

ABB Demonstrates Groundbreaking Robotic Bin Picking

New technology unveiled at Chicago’s International Manufacturing Technology Show: CHICAGO (September 8-13, 2008), ABB Robotics, a leading robotics manufacturer, has expanded its application range for robot automation with the introduction of robotic bin picking, unveiled at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). “ABB is expanding the application range of robot automation by demonstrating that our […]

FANUC Robotics releases world’s strongest 6 axis robot

Fanuc Robotics America releases M-2000iA, the world’s largest, strongest and longest reaching 6 axis heavy duty robot.The model comes in two variations, 900L and 1200L, which stand for 900 and 1200 kg payload capacities respectively. The robot also has built in vision and force sensing capabilities, which in turn reduces operating costs. The robot has […]

FANUC Robotics Receives USDA Acceptance for M-430iA Robot

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., July 21, 2008. FANUC Robotics America, Inc. today announced that its M-430iA/2F high-speed, food picking robot is the first and only robot to meet the hygiene requirements for meat and poultry processing, and receive equipment acceptance from the United States Department of Agriculture. “We’re extremely proud that the M-430iA is built in […]