Humanoid robot raises funds on charity in Poland

Humanoid robot raises funds on charity in Poland


We’re one step away from a big revolution in Poland. An extraordinary volunteer at the 25th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. One of the fund-raisers will be a humanoid robot Pepper from Opole.

The foundation – the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is the biggest non-governmental charity in Poland. Every year, for 24 years now, it collects funds in order to save lives of patients in polish hospitals. Every January there is a final of the  Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity during which people raise money that is later used to buy a specialist equipment for hospitals.

This year in Opole, during the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, there will be an exceptional fund-raiser – robot Pepper from project from Opole city – Weegree One. He is a humanoid robot which is designed to coexist with people. His innovation isn’t based only on the appearance, but also on the way he can communicate and help people. Pepper talks, recognizes and reacts to emotions, moves and lives autonomously. These exact skills make it possible for him to join the fund-raise. In many foreign countries robots are present on a daily basis, they work in hospitals, shops or in customer service. Does it seem unreal? And yet, robots in our daily lives become reality and exist to help us.

In 24 years the foundation collected and donated money to support hospitals in the amount of over 720 milion złotych (~165 milion euro). That is almost 40 000 state-of-the-art medical devices that went to more than 600 hospitals in the entire Poland. The every year GOCC final is an opportunity to bid fantastic items granted by famous people. Last year it included the skis with the autograph of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda.

The robot just like every other volunteer will have one fund raising can assigned to him. The money collected this year will be donated to children and senior citizens. It is a remarkable idea to let the robot be present at the final and fund-raise. Without any doubt he attracts attention thanks to which he will be able to help the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity as good as it gets. There will an opportunity to talk to the robot, take a picture and of course support the people in need with a donation