Military Robotics Conference 2011

Fourth annual Military Robotics conference and workshop will take place in London on 28-29 June 2011. In the last year’s event, there were 120 participants and this number is growing every year. The covered topics include the insights into which the robotics is moving, adoption of robotics into the current force structures, an up-to date […]

Robocup 2011 to be held in Istanbul Turkey, in July

Robocup is a worldwide robotics competition event held annually. The main categories are Soccer, Rescue and Dance, with Soccer being the most popular. This year’s event took place in Singapore between 19-25th June and hosted 500 teams from 40 different countries and a total of more than 3000 participants. The number of teams and participants […]

International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

This years event will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, and the main focus is “Advancement of New Frontiers for Providing Better Intelligent Robots Services”.Among the workshops that will take place are: Best control practices for service robots, Congitive enhancement of robots using web as a source, Semantic Mapping and Autonomous knowledge acquisition, Evolutionary and Adaptive […]

International Robot Exhibition in Japan

Latest international Robot Exhibition in Japan took place between November 25th and 28th in Japan. Many cool robots were on display such as an Autonomous cargo transport robot, a robotic hand that is able to imitate a human hand’s every move, robotic skates that can move forward when they sense a forward movement from the […]

Southern BEST Events: Middle and High School Championship 2009

One of the biggest robot competition events in USA, BEST has just announced the Middle and High School events of this year. The competition will take place on December 11th and December 12th at Auburn University. Over 3500 students, teachers, sponsors and other supporters are attending to this year’s event. Alabama Governor Bob Riley will […]

Robot Olympics in China

China plans to hold an olympic game next year. But in this one humans are only admitted as coachs. The robots, more specifically, two legged (bipedal) and two armed humanoid / android robots will compete only. No other type of robot will be admitted. The competition will span as wide range or events as possible, […]

October – upcoming events

We would like to inform our readers about upcoming events this October on advanced robotics concepts and design: The 2009 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems will take place on October 11 to 15, 2009 at St. Louis, MO, USA. There are a huge number of topics that will be discussed in this […]

13,000 High School Students compete in FIRST competition

MANCHESTER, N.H., FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), an organization founded by inventor Dean Kamen to inspire young people’s interest and participation in science and technology, today officially launched its 2009 FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) season with an online Kickoff event unveiling this year’s game, Hotshot! The FIRST Tech Challenge is an […]

International Aerial Robotics Competition, 2009

International Aerial Robotics Competition, 2009

In the latest AUVSI, Association for Unmanned Systems International challenge 2009, the International Aerial Robotics Competition, the winning team’s robot was a helicopter that can navigate inside a building by itself and find and image a control panel, without the use of any GPS. The hardware of the system was designed by a team in […]

Robotic Submarine Competition

Twelfth International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition took place between July 31st through August 2nd, in Point Loma, CA.The event included record number of participants this year, 30 teams from major universities and educational institutions from U.S., Canada, Japan, Korea and India. Two high school teams also participated. The qualification for the competition was based on […]