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    We have published a book about drones. It has the basic concepts, terms, how to buil drone, drone safety and photography and company list from all around the world, with 500+ companies listed.

    You can purchase here:
    Drone Book 2016 [Robokingdom LLC] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Terms, components and concepts about drones, overview of building a hobby grade multirotor, drone safety

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    Hi...i am a new user here. I am too interested in building Drone. But what i want the knowledge of electronics part. If these will be helpful for that also. How i can learn about the controller, radio control, battery. motors etc.? Is anything there for me to help.

    printed circuits assembly
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      Thanks for your message. Our book has a lot of information about drone electronics, and not only that, it also describes how do they fit when connected with each other and the mechanical components. The book first explains many terms related to drones, including all the terms you mentioned, in the terms and concepts section. After that, it also has a section for selecting parts, drone building and although it does not dive into the highest possible details generally, it gives you a strong foundation about building a multirotor, and with this information you can later dive into more details when building it yourself, and know where to look further. The book also lists lots of valuable resources that you can search about drones. We just made available some of our book content for viewing on amazon. Please check the link again and you will be able to see some pages from inside the book and have a feel about it.


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        Nice post, Thanks for sharing. I love to get latest information about Drone. I update myself through on line reputed sites. You can also try to know all safety aspects to fly a drone.


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          Thanks admin! I checked it and will surely buy in coming future. Actually, i have also drones website where you guys can get updates and projects.