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  • robot project ideas

    where cna i get some project ideas for making a robot? i am a complete beginner and not quite sure where to start.

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    check out lego mindstorms websites. or any robot kit sites .


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      Looking for Awesome Robot Project Ideas

      That's a good question. We're looking for some people with great project ideas as well and prepared to give you the tools required for it.

      The development tools we can provide are here:
      The BlazingCore100 Microcontroller is our brand new launched product and the Sonata IDE fuses seamlessly to create a well-oiled machine if you like. The Sonata IDE is very close to VBm and is easy to pick up and create something almost immediately.

      If you have a great idea and a plan, let us know and we might just ship you a development set to create with!


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        eneral question, as i am considered a beginner program say a simple robot responding to clapping of hand and light etc...that i will start to work on, where do you start as far as writing looks straightforward but i just dont know where to start.


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          I think Adson3492 is right, start with the simple one.