Rhoeby Dynamics R2D LiDAR

Press release by: Rhoeby Dynamics LLC

October 2015, Santa Cruz, CA.

The new Rhoeby Dynamics R2D LiDAR is the smallest, lightest, lowest-cost
2D LiDAR device on the market today. It’s proven capable of performing
mapping, navigation and dynamic obstacle avoidance in the indoor setting,
and comes complete with its open-source ROS driver for rapid integration
into any robotics platform.

The Rhoeby Dynamics R2D LiDAR. Credit: Rhoeby Dynamics










The device uses IR LED Time-of-Flight (not laser-based), making it a quite
novel technology. This novel approach is what enables us to achieve the
small form factor, low weight, and helps keep the cost down. All settings
are easily controlled via USB (or UART).

Video demonstrations of the LiDAR in operation can be seen here:


In summary, the LiDAR has the following features:

* Scan rate: up to 5 Hz, user-configurable
* Scan range: 360 degrees, over 5 meters
* Angular resolution: typically ~ 1.0 degree, maximum 0.36 degrees (@
1 Hz scan rate)

* small form-factor (75 x 45 x 45 mm)
* light-weight (< 125 g)
* robust design (direct-drive motor)
* no safety issues (compared to laser-based device)

We’re confident that this device is well-suited to cost-sensitive
applications requiring indoor Simultaneous Localization And Mapping
(SLAM), navigation and obstacle avoidance, and will be a good fit for many
robots. The device is available now, for immediate delivery in the United
States and beyond.

For more details visit: www.rhoeby.com, or email us at: enquiries@rhoeby.com.

Company description:

Rhoeby Dynamics LLC provides simple to use, low-cost solutions for
advanced robotics navigation. We integrate robotic SLAM, navigation
hardware, and software tools for state-of-the-art robots.

John Jordan
Rhoeby Dynamics LLC