Visual Processing System

The article below is by our reader Kyle Stuart, where he introduces his work:


The worlds only optical artificial intelligence system

The visual processing system is an artificial intelligence system which operates in a very similar way to the human eye and brain.

Like the human eye and brain the VPS consists of two key parts, the image sensor, and the image processing unit (IPU), then the machine outputs, whatever they might be, which can be referred to as the human body of the machine, though it may have wings and motors, wheels, or just be a PC program or app.

Image Credit: Kyle Stuart. The basic layout of a VPS, depicting the two key components, the image sensor, and IPU and also output control unit fixed to a motherboard. The output control unit will be comprised of the robotics circuits used to regulate your machines outputs.












The VPS receives optical data from the image sensor which then sends that data to the IPU for processing, using the key component of the VPS, the optical capacitor, which acts like a tranzistor in computer chips, processing the optical data, which triggers the machine outputs. On sight of your dropped key, the IPU may trigger the Humanoid helper robots machine outputs, its appendages and vocal system, to call out, walk over to your dropped keys, pick them up, and hand them to you.

This is just one example of how a VPS can be produced for a robotics or automation system, it can be produced for any type of robotics system, to perform any function you can see, in any form you can imagine. You can literally build a VPS to throw mud at Grizzly bears with three legs, only when there is a Unicorn in view, using a tennis racket attached to a pogo stick; or, a drone which monitors traffic, reports incidents, can communicate with stranded motorists, and lands when it notices traffic dying down, to name one.

Due to the magnitude of systems the VPS can be produced for, the VPS is available to anyone with an idea for a robot as a patent portfolio for license manufacture. Should you have an idea for a robot, or automation system, you can license the VPS patent portfolio and produce that robot for the market.

Please call inventor Kyle Stuart in Australia on +61 497 551 391 should you wish to speak to someone.