Summer 2012 News from the Shadow Robot Company

Shadow Robot Company have made big improvements in the control and sensing of;

1. Shadow Dexterous Hand, including features such as:

EtherCAT bus which communicates at 100x speed of CAN bus, allowing for higher quality control and sensing feedback.
ROS Control Interface for the hand allows for ease of interfacing with a wide range of other software packages and hardware platforms.
Syntouch BioTac finger tip sensor option gives multi-location sensitive touch and temperature sensing, capable of discriminating between surfaces by texture.
Sunrise finger tip sensor option gives 6-axis torque sensing.

2. Shadow 3F End Effector

A new approach to grasping and manipulation, using three over-actuated three fingers featuring:
• 12 DOF
• 16 actuators
• Light, dexterous and economical approach to grasping.
• Proven technologies with full linkage to ROS control

3. Shadow Robot Nervous System

This new system was developed especially for research in robotics as part of our Stiff-Flop FP7 project. Allows you to get your research project up and running faster, with features including:
• Scalability
• Modularity
• Open source
• Works straight out of the box
• High speed communications provided using EtherCAT
• Full ROS integration

3. Shadow At IROS 2012:

Shadow will be exhibiting at this year’s IROS, held in Vila Moura, Algarve, Portugal from 7-12th October 2012. The theme of the conference is “Robotics for quality of life and sustainable development”.

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