‘N8 KIT’, Build All The Robots You Can Imagine

N8 Robot kit, developed by Multiplo, is a low-cost, cool, Arduino software and open hardware kit. It allows you to build not only one robot, but as many as you can imagine. Our team has put great efforts toward its documentation. The result? Even an eight-year old kid can understand all the steps. But, of course, you choose how far you want to go, how difficult you want to make it. For those who prefer a preprogrammed and already built robot, it is also possible with N8 Robot kit.

N8 Robot kit is a constructive system that contains all the pieces needed to build a robot. It is the first of its kind, targeted to allow users to design and prototype their own fully-functional robots. So, beginners with no experience can follow the tutorials and examples, and more experienced users can create their own designs. N8 Robot kit allows you to build not a single robot, but as many as you can think of. With N8 kit, the user is the one putting limits on his own imagination, not us!

Because we want to make things easy for the user, we have created an extended and detailed documentation that goes with the kit. It is written in very comprehensive language, understandable for both experts and non-experts. We want to democratize the robotics language because we want everybody to enjoy robotics and learn with it. But, if somebody feels more at ease getting a preprogrammed and already built robot, we also offer this possibility.

N8 Robot Kit is a great “school of robotics”: one learns how to make the first steps in this science; little by little one makes more and more complex things, until “graduation”. With this documentation, the user can easily program with Arduino software. In case the user doesn‟t have any experience in programming, he can try with Minibloq, a graphical programming environment, which is visual and really intuitive.

We are already offering workshops in schools and hackerspaces, to teach how to build different robots and how to program different functions.We organize them by request.

Above all, we believe that robots have to be affordable for all pockets; this is why we introduced N8 Robot kit into the market: no matter what your budget is, you can go for it!

N8 Robot kit is already in Kickstarter.

Why to choose N8 Robot kit?

– It empowers your creativity

– Zero experience needed

– The user chooses the level of difficulty for building and programming it

– It comes with detailed documentation to understand every single step

– It‟s affordable

– It is open source both in software and hardware

For those more into robotics

N8 Robot kit, by Multiplo, takes special care of four main components:software, electronics, mechanics, and documentation.


Minibloq is a graphical interface, which allows the user to program quickly complex hardware. It is fully compatible with Arduino.


Multiplo is based in a mathematical model that keeps each part compatible with the others. The basic principle is that all parts can be reproduced with simple tools by users. All C.A.D. files are available in a public repository for advanced users to design their own parts. In Multiplo we use plastic, aluminum, and acrylic. Users can also use cardboard, MDF and other materials. Plus, bolts and nuts have been replaced by re-usable plastic rivets.



All boards and sensors that come within N8 Robot kit don‟t need configuration or complicated procedures. All components, datasheets and blueprints can be downloaded and edited (under open source based license). As all the electronics are Arduino compatible, there is a very active community around boards and sensors.


All the products compatible with Multiplo come with assembly guides and user manuals. Step by step tutorials are also available, both in PDF and video.

The user can share his/her knowledge in our forums, to help the “open source” community improve and move forward.

Who are we?

We are Multiplo, a company focused on the usage of robotics for education. We are part of RobotGroup Argentina, an enterprise founded in 2000. The company was awarded with the „Premio Innovar‟ (Prize for Innovation) as the innovative product in 2010. The following year, we got the second prize. RobotGroup Argentina has several agreements with institutions and organizations, such as the Ministry of Science and Technology from Argentina and the National Technological University.

For more information:

Email: info@multiplo.org


Phone U.S.A.: [+1] (213) 785 816

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