Robot boats of US Navy

Robot boats of US Navy

In a sign that all warfare is becoming more and more taken over by robots and autonomous vehicles, the US Navy just demonstrated that it can accompany its ships with autonomous vehicles. These robot boats, would protect the main ship, which is of high value and containing soldiers. It would also swarm an enemy boat, […]

Robots to clean oil spill

The robots built by MIT could help clean the oil spill at the surface of the ocean. Using swarm robotics concepts, 5000 of the robots is estimated to be able to clean the entire spill area at the gulf in one month. The robot digests the oil and works nonstop without any human intervention. Attached […]

Ocean Probing Robots

University of San Diego, CA, is developing small sized ocean probing robots with National Science Foundation support. The number of robots will be so huge that they will operate with swarm robotics concepts and each robot team will be made of hundreds of small robots reporting to a soccer ball sized main robot. Among many […]

Robot submarine to explore deep sea

The Autosub6000 a UK made Autonomous Submarine, will soon start to explore the deep undersea volcanoes in the Caribbean. It has a range of 1,000 kilometers without any battery recharge and can dive up to the depth of 6000 meters. The unit has an advanced GPS system on board and will be used to map […]