Energy Conserving Hopping Robots

Energy Conserving Hopping Robots

  Jumping can be more complicated than it seems according to new research. In this research, it has been found that hopping robots can reduce the energy spent during motion. On October 26, a research has been published in the journal Physical Review Letters. The work was supported by the Army Research Laboratory’s MAST program, the […]

Robots of the future in research

National Science Foundation donated a five year grant to Tufts University in order to enable scientists and engineers to build flexible robots. The researchers from the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering were inspired by creatures that has flexible structure. Then, they started to work on developing soft-bodied robots. Actually, they must have some […]

Telepresence Robot by Helios

Helios is a mobile robot that turns your iPhone into a telepresence robot. Here is how it works: First, open the application of this robot, then insert your iPhone in it. At the other end you can control your robot to move as you want and the people who see the robot will “think” that […]

Help IURO Robot To Find Its Way

IURO is a humanoid robot that can find his way though cities with your help. At the IROS expo this year, one of the most glamorous robots, with his giant and highly expensive head, was IURO(Interactive Urban Robot). IURO can recognize humans and ask them for directions to help itself. IURO is founded by Accrea Engineering […]

Drones Can Safely Fly in the National Airspace System

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems(GA‑ASI) announced the demonstration of an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)-based surveillance system. This system provides pilots with enhanced situational awareness and supports GA-ASI’s overall airborne sense-and-avoid architecture for its Predator® B RPA. Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast(ADS-B) is the GPS-based surveillance system. System is the cornerstone of the FAA’s “Next Gen” Air Traffic Management (ATM) system, […]

Robot sub maps underside of Antarctic ice in 3-D

Scientists have made a map of sea ice in eastern Antarctica in 3-D. The map will show the amount of ice in the region, which is important for understanding how climate change is affecting Antarctica. On a two-month voyage to the region on the Australian Antarctic Division’s icebreaker Aurora Australis, the Australian researchers used helicopters and a special, […]

Google Puts Its Virtual Brain Technology to Work

The new software called as Self-Taught Software that learned how to recognize cats, people and other things simply by watching YouTube videos released by Google. This system works like the copy of brain cells operation. Google’s learning software is based on simulating groups of connected brain cells that communicate and influence one another. When a neural network […]

GRIP Selects Award-Winning Architecture Team to Lead Robotics Park

GRIP Selects Award-Winning Architecture Team to Lead Robotics Park

Nationally Renowned Architects will Incorporate Cutting-Edge Robotic Construction Methods into Project Design Minneapolis, Minn. – (October 16, 2012) The Global Robotics Innovation Park (GRIP) announced today that it has selected Minneapolis-based Coen + Partners and Michigan-based Monica Ponce de Leon Studio to lead the master planning and architectural design efforts for the GRIP campus. Drawing […]

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