U.S. And Korean Researchers Unveil Newest Research Team Member: Jaemi The Humanoid

Project aims to enable humanoids to interact with people and their environmentA Drexel University-led research team late last week unveiled the newest, most central member of its collaboration with a team of Korean researchers: Jaemi, a humanoid (HUBO). Jaemi HUBO embodies efforts to advance humanoid development and enhance the concept of human-robotic interaction. The project’s […]

New Humanoid robot in development to test soldier suits

The new humanoid robot called PETMAN, which is under current development by Boston Dynamics,is probably going to be the most advanced humanoid robot soon. The purpose of development is to test army suits under different conditions, which will require a body that is able to move like a real human. The maker of the suits […]

ASIMO controlled by human thought

In a demonstration performed in Tokyo, Honda headquarters, it was shown that a person can make the famous humanoid robot ASIMO move just by thinking about it.The person who wore a helmet to pick up his brain signals was able to move ASIMO’s right arm, just by thinking about it. Although the movement appeared to […]

Most advanced robotic arm so far

With the new procedure designed by John Hopkins University, the amputees who use the artificial arm are able to control wrist, hand and elbow movements at the same time. The patients report that the use of the arm requires no more conscious effort than moving your natural arm. This is achieved by rewiring nerves in […]

IWantOneofThose.com unveils the MechRC

IWantOneofThose.com unveils the MechRC

London, November 2008: I Want One of Those announces a brand new robot, created by leading British designers and never before seen in the UK. The humanoid robot,which comes with over 100 pre-programmed motions and sounds, is staggeringly lifelike in its movements yet is simpler to operate than any other robot on the market. Its […]

New humanoid robot Nao®, to run on Urbi® software

Paris, France, September 9st, 2008. The French start-up Gostai (www.gostai.com) and Aldebaran Robotics (www.aldebaran-robotics.com) announce that the Nao robot will be equipped with the latest version of Gostai Urbi universal software platform to offer an extra programming interface. NAO is the current most evolved humanoid robot available on the market and is already shipping to […]

Adding more sensitivity to bionic hands

The robotic hand under development by the University of Southern California in Los Angeles has a new way of estimating the minimum force required in order to hold objects.The fingertips of the hand are filled with gel, which allows transmitting vibrations if an object in contact is slipping. The finger’s bone is also covered with […]

World’s smallest humanoid robot

The robot developed in Taiwan called BeRobot, seems to set the current world record by being the smallest humanoid robot commercially available.The robot is only 6” tall, can be disassembled and reassembled into different configurations such as animals, has updateable software, has bluetooh or mobile phone control, ultrasonic and image sensors. For more, click the […]

Humanoid NAO bot in development

The French start-up company Alderaban Robotics based in Paris is developing a highly skilled humanoid robot called NAO. Although there is no definite date yet as far as the commercial availability, its website shows end of 2008 currently. Weighing 4.5 kilograms and at a height of 57cm, the robot stands somewhere between the most humanoid […]

TU Delft robot Flame walks like a human

Researcher Daan Hobbelen of TU Delft has developed a new, highly-advanced walking robot: Flame. This type of research, for which Hobbelen will receive his PhD on Friday 30 May, is important as it provides insight into how people walk. This can in turn help people with walking difficulties through improved diagnoses, training and rehabilitation equipment.. […]

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