Robotics Industry in 2012

In a recent post appeared at everything robotic, the current situation of the robotics industry was analyzed from a general perspective. The report analyzes the picture from three main categories:

1- Industrial Robotics,

2-Military and Defense Robotics,

3-Domestic (Service) Robots

The first category, industrial robots, did particularly well, and the main players such as ABB, Yaskawa, Fanuc, had double digit gains, with respect to DJI. Kuka for instance had a staggering 22% gain.


The second category, defense robotics, suffered from military budget cutbacks by the government, but is struggling to expand their market reach into other customers such as the municipalities.

The third category, service robots had a somewhat mixed year according to the report. In our opinion, this sector is at its baby steps right now therefore it is hard to have good predictions like the already established industrial robot sector and the fluctuations are quite normal.

For more in depth information, please visit the source article at: everything robotic