Lawnmower robots are growing in European Market

Most of garden owners or people interested in keeping tha lawn have a common problem: mowing the grass. Landscaping is expensive enough, and lawn mowers make it worse for these people.

Husqvarna AB. (HUSQB), based in Sweden, is one of the companies in robotic lawn mower industry. Global Garden Products Italy SpA is a big rival to Husqvarna inspite of entering this area in this year. These robotic machines cost about £5000 and this year their sales rate has risen %30. These robotic lawn mowers which has the greatest demand in Europe are forecasted to be sold %20  more in the coming 5 years. Sweden, Germany, France and Switzerland are among the countries in which there is the most demand.


Husqvarna developers state that although robotic lawn mowers are common in Europe, it has no such a big part in the European market yet. However this situation will not go on forever. It is obvious these machines are slowly moving up the rank in numbers. In coming few years robotic lawn mowers will pass the manual ones. Samsung, Bosch and Electrolux are also among the players in this market.

In order  to avoid obstacles within the specified area , these robotic machines have different kind of sensors. For instance, whereas John Deere Tango E5 from Bosch seems to follow opposing lines, Husqvarna’s products mowes the grass randomly.

Another distintion of  robotic lawn mowers from previous machines are that they do not collect grass. They cut it to very tiny pieces and release them on the ground so that they can act as fertilizer. Eventually, these robotic lawn movers will not only be used for landscape gardening but also for house cleaning – as if there are not enough robot vaccumm cleaners in the market right now!