‘Smart’ Voice Coil Actuator

‘Smart’ Voice Coil Actuator

BEI Kimco Magnetics Introduces ‘Smart’ Voice Coil Actuator Featuring Built-in Position Feedback Sensor and Easy Plug and Play Installation VISTA, Calif., − Jan. 16, 2013 – In its continuing commitment to product innovation, BEI Kimco Magnetics, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), Inc., has introduced its latest generation Housed Voice Coil Actuator (VCA), the smart LAS28-53-00A. […]

More “Humanlike” Robots Are On The Way

Robots are becoming more “humanlike”. Dennis Hong’s team at Virginia Tech introduced a new technology which is a Gangnam Sytle Dancer Charlie-2. This robot has titanium springs as leg muscles. These act as real muscles because it can be thiner and longer or thicker and smaller according to motion without changing any volume. Actually, there […]

Lawnmower robots are growing in European Market

Most of garden owners or people interested in keeping tha lawn have a common problem: mowing the grass. Landscaping is expensive enough, and lawn mowers make it worse for these people. Husqvarna AB. (HUSQB), based in Sweden, is one of the companies in robotic lawn mower industry. Global Garden Products Italy SpA is a big rival to […]

Third 3D-Printed Plane In The World

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in Virgina University has been designed by contribution of MITRE coorperation, where the team has been working on the project for years. The team used a different technology for this robotic device and it is recorded as the third 3D-printed plane which can fly stable in the world. This plane owever is quite expensive. $250,000 was spent for […]

Robotic Wheelchair with Legs

Japan Chiba Institute of Technology has been developing a wheelchair which has legs. This legs are not exactly the same as a human leg but they can climb stairs like a human. This development will be a big improvement for disabled people in their life. The most amazing thing is this robotic wheelchair has some […]

Little Soccer Robot has been developed

NimbRo-OP, with a length of 95 cm and weight 6,6 kg, is a robot which is specifically developed to play football. Computer scientists from Bonn University announced this new robot at IROS (International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) Conferance in Portugal. They states to compete in RoboCup, is a robotic competition which is organized every […]

Flying Autonomous Robotic Bird

This year in International Conference on Intelligent Robots in Portugal, developers met a new flying robot, thanks to Cornell University. This device is like a bird which tries to fly without striking any obstacles. Lots of Robots have been developed with GPS, but the research team has a different target. They are trying to make an […]

The Robotic Leg of NASA : X1

A recent announcement from NASA revealed that the production of exoskeletons are not far away to produce. In order to develop this technology NASA coorperated with “Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC)” and “Oceaneering Space Systems”, to develop exoskeleton X1. This device is worn onto body from the shoulders to the legs and […]