Flying Autonomous Robotic Bird

This year in International Conference on Intelligent Robots in Portugal, developers met a new flying robot, thanks to Cornell University. This device is like a bird which tries to fly without striking any obstacles.

Lots of Robots have been developed with GPS, but the research team has a different target. They are trying to make an autonomous flying device because controlled ones have so much problems during the flight, especially for instances that radio signals are not strong enough to get the controller inputs.

In search and rescue missions these kind of robots are very useful. Yet the main problem for all of them remains to be damaged bridges, walls, trees etc.

This team has tested this device in rich enviroments 53 times, where it passed 51 of them successfully. Actually it is a good achievement because the failing ones were not a bug, but the reason of them was just wind. The research team is very ambitious about improving the robot’s capability. They want to make it stronger in worse enviroments starting with winds. Then they will add some skills to it like avoiding from moving objects like a real bird. Even now they have already thought how they will test it: by throwing tennis balls.

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