Newest Innovation in Warehousing Robotics Changing the Market

The warehousing and order fulfillment market is continuously changing to meet the demanding needs of both the customers and distributors. This market shift has been and will continue to be impacted by online shopping, better known as e-commerce. With the rise of e-commerce, manufactures and distributors rely heavily on the stock keeping units (SKU) on each product in order to find, fulfill and deliver products faster. E-commerce is projected to become a $491 billion dollar plus revenue generator in the United States by 2018. Gaining an advantage in the fight for a part of that revenue will require manufacturers and distributors to do more with less and do it faster than they have done so before. Because of this, manufacturers and distributors are looking to automate order fulfillment. Cimcorp, a manufacturer and integrator of turnkey robotic gantry-based order fulfillment and tire handling solutions, is hearing their call for help.

Cimcorp_3D Shuttle 1
Photo Credit: Cimcorp

Cimcorp recently released its newest innovation, Cimcorp 3D Shuttle, which is an automatic storage and retrieval solution (AS/RS) with applications in a variety of industries and distribution areas, specifically retail, foodservice and the big one – e-commerce. The Cimcorp 3D Shuttle optimizes goods-to-man order picking for e-commerce. The system is up to six times more efficient than a manual solution and has the capability to pick up to 1,000 totes per hour. When a particular SKU is required to fulfill an order, the robot gantry retrieves the corresponding tote and deposits it onto the shuttle device. The shuttle travels along the gantry and transports the tote to a conveyor line that feeds the picking stations. Once picking from a tote is complete, it is conveyed back to its location within the storage area. This new technology is cost- and space-efficient, and allows warehouses to retrieve any tote in a storage area with one, fast movement. This is the game changer that manufacturers and distributors need to stay ahead of the market.

YouTube Video on How it Works:

Company: Cimcorp
Contact: Derek Rickard