Outdoor patrolling robots

There are various applications for autonomous patrol robots, such as patrolling industrial facilities, golf resorts, solar farms, beaches and many more… Some models of such patrol robots are made by SMP robotics, based in California,  manufacturing many models of robots and expands distribution network.

The company produces several types of robots, such as:

  • Electrical Substation Inspection Robot,
  • Solar Powered Security Robot,
  • Mobile Propane Mosquito Trap,
  • Bird Control Robot,
  • Outdoor Telepresence Robot

Some specifications:

Range: 29 km

Operational Speed: 4.8 km/h

Maximum Speed: 12.9 km/h

Weight: 87 kg

Height: 1.6 m

According to the information provided by the company, their robots can work in any weather condition, and on irregular roads and do not require many permanent markers installed on the path.

You can see a video of robot here:

For more details visit the company website at:


Security patrol robot. model S5 PTZ
“Security patrol robot” model S5 PTZ