The new EGN 80 and 160 grippers from SCHUNK

SCHUNK has expanded its EGN series of servo electric 2-finger parallel grippers to include sizes 80 and 160 to the existing size 100. The new sizes have a stroke per finger of 8 and 16 millimeters, respectively. This upward and downward expansion of the series now makes it possible to use the exact size of gripper for each task with the right specifications.The EGN grippers can be flexibly adjusted and controlled in terms of gripping force, speed, position, and acceleration of the gripper fingers. They are designed for high payloads and have enough power reserves to handle heavy components with gripping forces of up to 1000 N. The capability of pre-positioning the gripper fingers enables short closing times and high cycle rates.

The EGN is controlled by the new external controller from SCHUNK, the MCS, which is used for the standardized control of nearly all servo-electric components from SCHUNK and enables very easy programming, pre-configuration and implementation. With the MCS controller, command libraries can be created for use with other modules. The integrated Bluetooth interface also makes it possible to modify the behavior of the controlled components from a central location, which provides an unprecedented degree of flexibility in automation processes.

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