Uses of Drones

Drones are used more and more all the time. It is for sure that we will see more applications in the near future, due to increasing battery power and auto piloting capabilities. Here is a summary of uses of drones at present:

  • Military

Examples: Reconnaissance or Attack drones


  • Visual inspection, photography or video recording

Examples: Wildlife Control, Ski, Fire, Border Patrol, Stadium Recording, Surveying and Mapping, Traffic Control, Photo Taking, Film Recording, Construction or Existing Structures Inspection and many more…


  • Delivery

Example: Amazon is now seriously considering delivery by drones but trying to overcome obstacles about regulations. Drone delivery is expected to have a huge application in very near future


  • Rescue and emergency deliveries

Examples: Delivery of emergency supplies to mountaineers, rushing life vest to people in the sea, quickly searching an area for survivors after disasters


  • Law enforcement

Examples: Monitoring an area flexibly, safely and remotely, following of escaping suspects, safely delivering or removing something to / from a specific location


  • Broadcasting

Examples: Internet companies are now  considering beaming down internet through the use of drones.


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