ICAI 2013 – International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Credit: World Academy of Science, Worldcomp. www.world-academy-of-science.org
Credit: World Academy of Science, Worldcomp

One of the most noted conferences on Artificial Intelligence, ICAI – International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, will take place between July 22-25 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Congress is the largest annual gathering of researchers in computer science, computer engineering and applied computing. 2,100 or more attendees from over 85 countries are anticipated to be there. The conference invites researchers submit papers on a wide variety of Artificial Intelligence subjects, such as:

  • Machine Learning,
  • Expert Systems,
  • Brain Models / Cognitive Science,
  • Knowledge Discovery and Problem Solving,
  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems,
  • Neural Networks and Applications,
  • Intelligent Databases,
  • Reasoning Strategies,
  • Emerging Technologies,
  • Decision Support Systems,
  • Natural Language Processing,
  • Learning and Adaptive Sensor Fusion

And Many more. The deadline for submission of draft papers is March 18th, 2013. Please visit the event site for more information here.