IROS 2011

IROS – International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems will be held between September 25th-30th in San Francisco, Hilton Union Square.

The program includes the following topics:

  • Motion Planning for Real Robots
  • 3D Point Cloud Processing: PCL (Point Cloud Library)
  • Active Semantic Perception and Object Search in the Real World
  • The PR2 Workshop: Results, Challenges and Lessons Learned in Advancing Robotics With a Common Platform
  • An Object-Based World Model for  Change Detection and Semantic Querying
  • Panel: Robots, the Next Generation
  • Should Robots or People Do These Jobs? a Survey of Robotics Experts and Non-Experts about Which Jobs Robots Should Do
  • Outlet Detection and Pose Estimation for Robot Continuous Operation
  • Hierarchies of Octrees for Efficient 3D Mapping
  • European Efforts in Strengthening the Academia-Industry Collaboration
For more information on the event, please see Willow Garage events website