Almost Human Series on Fox TV

Lately, I started to watch the Series on Fox TV, Almost Human, as I am utterly interested in anything that hits the screens involving robots. I am usually not very impressed with the way in which most of the futuristic movies envision robots and future technologies; however, this one really was absolutely different. I am not only talking about the robots or androids here, no, but also how the makers envisioned the future and put all the technologies that will exist soon, in a very realistic manner. For instance, there have been shows on such things as:  drones that follow and do reconnaissance on everything; the abilities of the humanoid robots or androids, such as their ability to reason, to use their artificial intelligence, their connectivity and analysis abilities, such as a walking computer; the envisioning of the Artificial Intelligence that will be integrated into everything, and merging that with almost anything in the show, the degree of technological advancements, and the operating environment. To anyone who is interested in robot movies, like me, this is a must-see series. The comment at the beginning of every episode, where it says “it is the year 2048 and new technologies can no longer be regulated” seems very logical to me, given the fact that everything is improving in an accelerated and non-linear manner. Year 2048 looks like a reasonable time too… Here is a link to the homepage of the show on Fox TV website: