The robot below is made by Roger Seeberger, Switzerland. He is looking for partners to improve his robot prototype.  Below you can find his robot’s specs and other information. Thanks Roger…

Robot Name:   SB-01

Category: HUMANOID, Prototype Branding-Robot

Made By: Seeberger Robotics & Design

Country: Switzerland

Date of manufacture or date of introduction:  April, 8th 2011


Wifi Robot, animated, interactive, 125 cm, 7,5 kg (with Akkus), This Robot has no PC on the Robot it’s totally controlled via PC with WLAN

Targeted/Planned uses, and user groups: Prototype for Branding-Robots and Fashionbots/  Reducing Hardware on Robot -> less costs / Private Developer. Perfect System for small autonomous systems


Price: 9000 $ Prototype / Serie: ~4500 $ (Fashion-Bots)


Project Start Date and Duration: January 2011 – April the 8th 2011

Control and Software: Development  “Bot Remote Suiting” – Controls Servos over WLAN (54MBits/s)

RobotV1 (C#-SourceCode), controls 8 Servos over Wlan) / Application

Tasks that can be done autonomously or semi-autonomously:

Simple interacts on Movement (Roborealm. Face-Recognition). Time Scheduler for animation. Movement-Sensors (at the external), IP-Cams in the same LAN

Visual processing: Roborealm on PC (XP/Vista/W7); 2 Robot-Cams/ IP-Cams (Field- Area of the Robot), Voice Recognition (Windows).

Sound and voice processing: Sound can exported on PC-Audioport Wireless Speaker or exported to the Android-Tablet (VLC-player-redirection, coming up) on the robots Breast. Soundfiles will be started with our application (a data-file describes the movement of the servos and the point to start a wav-file)

Remote control: TCP/IP Control, WEB-Control, there drivers for diffrent Controllers on the side:

Height: 125 cm / 4′ 1″

Weight:  7,5 kg / ~18 pounds

Navigation:Roborealm (AVM-Plugin) / this one, doesn’t walk

D.O.F:  8 (Endurance Wifi Servo Controller)

Body Frame: Carbon

Servo power: 1XHiTec HS 815 BB 194 Ncm / 4x Futaba BLS 452  ~120 Ncm /

3x Futaba S3152 50 Ncm

Power source:2x  =5V/   OR  2x  = 4,8 V Akkus NiCd 2500mAh / 70-80 minutes

Pieces and parts: 2x USB wireless CAM Sumikon (6m indoor) low cost version

upgrade 2x SAILOR 4030 Color CAMS (up to 90 m to the receiver) AV System

(+ Easey CAP Video Capture to USB 2.0) to the Laptop,

2x Edimax wireless IP Cam, Android Tablet (Videosccreen,)

Sensors external Movement,

Carbon shell and “bones”, rubber for the face

Endurance Wifi Servo Controller (RobotV1)

PowerBox System (5 Servos) Supply system for 5 Servos

All the body-parts are mode of carbon

External sensors and types: IP-Cams/ Movement – sensors

We connected our system to:  Roborealm (just with our Application, Endurance Driver runs just on virtual Com-Port), MS Robotics Studio Developer 2008 R3 (just to run our exe-file), Skype (connected)

Planned upgrades:

Bot Remote Suiting Step 1.2 / Controlled via Android Device (yeah that works!)  /

Bor Remote Suiting Step 2  / Android sensors, combined with I/O Card

(Splitting PC-Android-Device/ 25 DOF’s -> Walking Robot, Project with swiss university starts at January 2012)

A.I. – Bot Remote Suiting should be easey to connect to LEAF-Project. We didn’t try (download mismatched..). At the moment we didn’t find anything fits… (Just easy Ports and different characters)

Codes, schematics, references, links, videos etc… can be found at schematics,videos etc.

Other information:

This robot is made out of different Wifi-instruments and will be mounted of a special controlling-software and only the most necessary jobs will be done directly on the robot. The robot has to be seen as a suite for the server. The robot receivces over TCP/IP protocol and own IP address, with 54 Mbit/s. And it acts in a Wifi-field.