Autonomous car to race on mountain road

Mechanical engineering graduate students at Stanford University is creating an autonomous car named “Shelley” which will race next year on the famous Pikes Peak highway in the Rocky mountains. The autonomous drving technology will lead to better safety systems for cars in the near future.

The track is a 20 kilometer ascending road with 156 turns, and the elevation is 4300 meters above the sea level at the end of the track. There had been previous races on this track however those cars was running on an average of 40 kph (25mi/hr), while Shelly will run Shelly at close to its racig speed. For more details, visit the link below.

Autonomous driving technology is developing at a very fast speed and soon we may start to see such vehicles in the battlefields, where they will perform transportation duties. Needless to say, the commercial versions will follow. Some autonomous trucks are already being used by the firms in mining industry, such as Rio Tinto of Brazil.