New Autonomous Indoor Vehicle: Adept Lynx

Adept Technology Inc. which is known with its autonomous mobile robots, launches Adept Lynx. It was demonstrated at the Automate 2013 and ProMat show in Chicago, Illinois.

Adept HandlerCredit: Adept Technology Inc.
Adept Handler
Credit: Adept Technology Inc.

Adept Tech. Inc. realized that the cost of moving and delivering goods can be more than two-thirds of total production costs; and what is more, the time spent in moving and delivery also costs productivity and efficiency. The aim of the company is providing solutions for customers in precision, speed, quality and productivity in assembly, handling, packaging, testing and logistical processes. The Adept Lynx is a small mobile platform and one of the newest Autonomous Indoor Vehicles (AIV) which can guide itself. It is designed in order to move objects dynamically in enclosed spaces, tight hallways and in changing environments crowded with people.

What distinguishes Lynx from traditional autonomously guided vehicles is that there is no need for facility modifications like floor magnets and navigational beacons: it can start working from anywhere with no infrastructure. Thus, users can save almost 15% in deployment costs. In addition to that, Lynx uses digital map for localization. It can carry up to 60kg and can work over 19 hours a day.

The proprietary software and controls of Adept enable Lynx to move around people and even in a space full of unexpected obstacles which is another distinct characteristic of Lynx in comparison to other autonomously guided vehicles: Lynx does not stop when there is an unplanned obstacle. Lynx can be programmed and used within a day.

Its system is designed for developers, integrators and end-users but it can also be adapted for a variety of applications and payloads. Lynx ideally can be used in manufacturing, intra-logistics, warehousing, distribution, clean tech, health care and laboratories.

Adept TransporterCredit: Adept Technology Inc.
Adept Transporter
Credit: Adept Technology Inc.