Robot companion to carry loads for ground troops

2009 International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition which took place between October 20th to 25th in Seoul Korea, showcased new technologies in defense technology. REX was also on display, which was built by Israel Aerospace Industries, a small robotic platform designed to accompany gorund troops on field operations. The robot can carry up to 200 kilograms, and is able to ride along ground troops for 72 hours without refueling. REX can follow the troops from a distance and is able to understand simple commands.

It looks like the wheeled version of the famous Big Dog robot by Boston Dynamics, which is able to walk on four legs, instead of wheels. Bid Dog was also primarily designed to assist ground troops on field operations. The use of skilled legs in lieu of wheels are obvious on rugged terrain however considering the cost, energy use efficiency, ease of development and mass production a robot moving on wheels looks like a good alternative for the time being. Such a robot may very well find civilian applications as well, in addition to being used in the military.