Robotic Hair Restoration

Restoration Robotics has created the ground-breaking ARTAS™ System, the first and only FDA cleared, physician controlled, interactive, computer assisted technology that allows safe and effective follicular unit extraction (FUE). The ARTAS System was developed in close collaboration with several leading hair restoration physicians to enable minimally invasive harvesting of hair follicles. Hair restoration moves healthy, functioning follicles to the areas of the patient’s scalp most impacted by baldness for more dramatic results.  New hair continues to grow over the course of a full year, resulting in a gradual change in the patient’s appearance over time. Hair restoration is the only permanent solution for hair loss.

ARTAS System


The ARTAS System, with its image-guided robotic arm, is truly an automated system under the control of a physician. It has the capability to assist in making decisions about which grafts to extract, how to approach the grafts and so forth. This is going to expand physicians’capability to provide quality surgery to their patients. The beauty of this system is that doctors can now offer quality grafts, enhance patient outcomes, and not have to dedicate years to training in order to do so. Rigorously tested and developed in close collaboration with leading hair experts in clinical trials, the ARTAS image-guided robotic system has been cleared for use by the FDA. Physicians and patients alike can now benefit from this minimally invasive, permanent solution to hair restoration. Visit Restoration Robotics site too in order to get more information.