What is a drone exactly?

So, what are drones? They can be defined as robotic devices, without a human on board, that are either remote controlled by humans or moving autonomously. Almost everyone, immediately thinks that drones represent only flying unmanned vehicles, but technically it is not true. Unmanned Ground or Sea Vehicles are also drones. However, our focus in this book is flying drones, and from now when you see the word drone, please understand that we mean only flying unmanned robots. The main thing is that the drones are unmanned. Flying drones are also called UAV, which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UA, Unmanned Aircraft, or UAS, Unmanned Aircraft System. Drone use mostly started more than 10 years ago in military applications at first, but especially as the battery and automatic pilot technologies improve and decrease in cost, we begin to see them increasingly in our daily lives, with longer flight times, faster speeds, higher payload capacities, more capable autonomous features.

Photo by: Roboticmagazine.com

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