Robotics Store noDNA Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Munich/Berlin, 15 September 2015. Robotics store noDNA ( <> from Ismaning near Munich is Europe’s biggest online seller of robotics components for research and education. Today, noDNA launched a financing campaign on equity crowdfunding platform Companisto and is now offering venture loans bearing annual interest of 8 %. noDNA was founded in 2001, is currently generating €600,000 in annual revenues, and is a profitable business. The company is selling both components and complete systems in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence. noDNA’s customers include not only universities and research institutions, the aerospace industry, and the movie industry, but also consumers. The company wants to use the funds raised to expand its services and its customer base. noDNA also plans to develop and produce its own robot kits and a robotic arm for research. On, many people team up via the Internet to provide venture capital to growth companies.

Robotics Is a Growth Market – noDNA Is Supplying Customers all over the World

noDNA managing director Robert Dotzauer has always been fascinated by robotics. When he had the chance to acquire noDNA in 2014, he immediately decided to do so. “Robots do not just exist in movies; they have also become part of our everyday life. From 2010 through 2014 alone, revenues in this sector in Germany grew from €2.0 billion to €3.2 billion, which corresponds to a 60 % increase,” says Dotzauer.

noDNA is generating revenues by selling both components and complete systems in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence. Moreover, the company’s product range includes all kinds of servos, robot chassis, sensors, and smaller components (e.g., cables) as well as 3D printers. noDNA generates 70 % of its revenues through universities and major customers.

Capital from the Crowd Is Meant to Enable Development of Robotic Arm and Robot Platform

noDNA supplies the research and development departments of renowned companies, such as Siemens, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, and Fraunhofer Institut, with its products. For this purpose, the company searches for innovative robot technology around the globe and markets some of these products exclusively. noDNA also wants to use investments from the crowd to develop its own robots made in Germany. Indeed, Robert Dotzauer has identified demand for larger and more intelligent robotic arms for research and development projects within the market. The company thus wants to develop a model for series production with the help of its investors. In addition, noDNA plans to develop a robot platform whose components may be adapted to universities’ and research institutions’ individual needs.

Robotics as a Future Subject – noDNA Wants to Get Young People Interested in Technology

noDNA managing director Robert Dotzauer, a father of two daughters himself, wants to get people interested in the future subject of robotics. “This is about using sophisticated technology to bring a structure to life and to enable it to work autonomously and intelligently. Such an exciting, fascinating, and challenging task also fosters logical thinking,” says Dotzauer. noDNA plans to produce its own robot kits for teenagers and novices in robotics. The company plans to develop a total of ten kits, and it will name these kits after people who invest a certain amount during the equity crowdfunding campaign.

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About noDNA:

noDNA ( <> is one of the biggest and most popular online stores for robotics, 3D printers, and electronics in Europe. Since its foundation in 2001, noDNA has received several national and international awards. Headquartered in Ismaning near Munich, the company also hosts workshops and projects for manufacturers and customers. Because of noDNA’s close collaboration with top suppliers, many products are available in Europe exclusively through noDNA. The company’s customers include research institutions (e.g., universities and research centers), the aerospace industry, the movie and entertainment industry, engineers, hobbyists (e.g., those dealing with model aircraft, vehicle construction, motor racing, or model ships), and consumers.

About Companisto:

Companisto ( <> is the German market leader in equity-based crowdfunding (also called “crowdfunding for start-ups” or simply “crowdfunding”) and one of Europe’s leading crowdfunding platforms. Equity-based crowdfunding means that many people team up to provide venture capital to a start-up or growth company. Investors – also called Companists – can make an investment of their choice in the start-up and, in turn, participate in the profits and increases in value of the start-up or receive fixed interest payments (in the case of venture loans). To date, Companisto has more than 40,000 registered investors who have invested a total of over €22 million in 47 financing campaigns for start-ups and growth companies.