ST Robotics Launches the ST-RVS Low-Cost Vision System

PRINCETON, NJ – -May 4, 2015 – – ST Robotics announced today the availability of their new low cost vision system compatible with the full range of ST-Robotics’ arms and controller.

ST Robotics offers an excellent, low-priced, yet highly accurate vision system that can measure to 0.1mm and send precise coordinates of an object to the robot.

It comprises a Matrox GigE camera (1920×1448 pixels), C-mount lens with zoom, focus and exposure control and LED lighting. The hardware and RobWin software are easily installed on your own PC.  A second serial channel connects to the robot controller, allowing real-time programming and testing of the communication with the camera. The vision system, priced at under $4,000, includes all cables, CAT6 cable and camera power supply; all ready to go.
“ST Robotics’ new vision system is one of the most cost-effective and highly accurate vision systems that addresses the needs of industries such as automotive, consumer, electronics, packaging and pharmaceutical,” said David Sands, President and CEO of ST Robotics.

A video of the vision system shows an example of how accurately the vision system is used for an industrial packaging application in which the position of the object on the conveyor is not in a standard repeatable position. The ST-RVS vision system sends coordinates to the robot which orients the gripper, regardless of the object’s position.

ST Robotics, widely known for ‘robotics within reach’, has offices in Princeton, New Jersey and Cambridge, England as well as offices in Asia. One of the first manufacturers of bench-top robot arms, ST Robotics has been providing affordable, easy-to-use, ready-to-go, boxed robots for 30 years.  ST’s robots are utilized the world over by companies and institutions such as Lockheed-Martin, Amazon, Motorola, Honeywell, MIT, NASA, Pfizer and Sony, to name a few. The numerous applications for ST’s robots benefit the manufacturing, nuclear, pharmaceutical, laboratory and semiconductor industries.

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