Robot Name: AKINCI-1


Made By: AKINSOFT COMPANY, Robotics Department

Country: TURKEY

Project Start Date: 2009

Date of prototype introduction: 2011

Date of manufacture: 2015

An introductory paragraph:

Targeted/Planned uses, and user groups: VARIOUS SECTORS

Cost of Prototype: One million Turkish liras (570,000 USD)

Link to your site or page(s): http://www.akinrobotics.com

Control and Software: C#

What tasks can be done autonomously? Semi autonomously?

make mathematical calculations on voice commands, respond to questions, recognize shapes and colors, imitate human muscular system and movements

Visual processing: available

Sound and voice processing: available

Remote control: available

Height: 146 centimeters

Mass:  32 kilograms








Width: 60 centimeters

Depth:  16 centimeters

Navigation: unavailable

D.O.F:  23 DOF in all joints (2 in the head, 4 in each arm, 6 in each leg, 1 in torso)

Number of motors: 23

Servo power: DC motor

Battery: Lithium Po