Current development of AI in computer games

As the computer capabilities and as a result online computer games improve, the Artificial Itelligence software that is being used to manage these games is also evolving. In the annual Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference (AIIDE) held at Stanford University last month, the progress of and different aspects of AI has been discussed with the focus being on computer games. Various recent developments have been highlighted such as Façade’s interactive story and natural language processing, Forza’s neural net for autonomous driving and Nintendo’s universal speech recognition. Although there is considerable improvement in gaming software and more complexities are added all the time, we are still far away from a real Artificial intelligence. All these improvements are only up to the point of improving the software and making it more complex, without introducing any real thinking capabilities. However, if we consider the difficulty of making a real “thinking” entity, such developments look like real milestones in achieving the purpose. Please see the link below, for more on the conference and the topics discussed.