Microsoft releases Robotics Studio 2008 R2

As an upgrade to existing 2008 version robotics developer studio, microsoft has just released version 2008 R2. The new release includes new DSS Log Analyzer tool, enhanchements to Visual simulation environment, additions to the documentation and bug fixes. The express edition is available at no cost, and there are also the Academic and Sandard editions.

One of the new features for version 2008 R2 is called SQM, Software Qulaity Metrics. This tool is used in many Microsoft products to monitor usage patterns and send usage data to Microsoft, without sending any personal data.

Then there is the DSS log anaylzer, which graphically shows the message traffic between services in the services view. It can also be used to filter messages, zoom in on a particular message in timeline view.

Another new feature is the adition of new simulated sensors to the visual simulation environment, including Sonar, Light, Color, Compass, Infrared Range and GPS. In addition to this there is a whole new set of simulation tutorials. To read the original information on Microsoft website, click here.