WorkFusion Intelligent Automation 2017

WorkFusion Intelligent Automation 2017 Brings 10x Performance Improvement to Enterprise Operations with Self-learning RPA and New Chatbots Product
NEW YORK – Oct. 27, 2016 – WorkFusion builds on its commitment to power the digital transformation of work by unveiling WorkFusion Intelligent Automation 2017. This first-of-its-kind offering provides all of the automation capabilities that enterprise leaders need to digitize their operation. The release advances WorkFusion’s Smart Process Automation product and introduces Chatbots and SmartCrowd products as a part of a full front-to-back-office digital workforce.
25 percent cost reduction in eight weeks with Smart Process Automation (SPA)
The company’s flagship product allows operations leaders to rapidly augment their teams with software bots. These always-available, adaptive digital workers learn how to perform processes from historical data and real-time human assistance. SPA improves precision, compliance and cost at enterprise scale by transitioning up to 90 percent of manual effort in a process to bots and focusing people on higher-value work.
·      Process-centric automation with BPM and real-time workflow optimization
·      Multi-lingual Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with Machine Learning (ML)
·      Unstructured data automation with cognitive bots
·      Non-disruptive core system automation with ML-enabled RPA bots
·      Industry and shared services solutions including KYC, AML and FnA
5x increase in service center capacity with Chatbots
Service teams are able to offload repetitive inquiries to software agent bots, which interact through natural conversation to complete tasks that otherwise would require calls or manual work. This AI-powered digital service workforce expands capacity by as much as 5x while allowing human-in-the-loop oversight and increasing quality and breadth of service.
·      Omni-channel support with pre-built integrations including Facebook, Skype and WeChat
·      Multi-lingual support with continuous machine learning
·      Task completion via seamless SPA integration
·      Optional on-demand agent workforce with crowdsourcing
Unlimited elastic talent capacity with SmartCrowd
SmartCrowd allows operations teams to elastically manage their workforce. The software sources, trains and manages workers, distributes work based on worker capacity and capability and makes payments with no management overhead. WorkFusion SmartCrowd gives operations leaders the ability to create one seamless workforce spanning employees, outsourced partners and cloud talent markets.
·      Data privacy protection option with private or BPO-centric deployment
·      Access to 15m+ on-demand workers from online marketplaces including Amazon MTurk
·      30%+ cost savings with machine-learned quality control
·      Seamless workflow integration with SPA and Chatbots
Max Yankelevich, CEO, WorkFusion, said:
“We see a lot of companies rethinking how they operate to improve customer service and reduce cost. Compared to analog organizations, digital companies combine the best of their people with technology into a digital workforce. WorkFusion built the solutions necessary to enable this transition in a bank, an insurance company, a large healthcare system or a service company. By combining people with smart bots, operations teams in these large organizations can now achieve 10x improvements in speed, quality and cost of service while engaging their people in highest-value decision making.”
About WorkFusion
WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation empowers enterprise operations to digitize. WorkFusion combines robotic process automation (RPA), AI-powered cognitive automation, workflow, intelligent conversational agents, crowdsourcing and analytics into enterprise-grade products purpose-built for operations professionals. Operations teams at data-intensive organizations, such as global banking and financial services companies, healthcare and insurance providers, and BPO firms use WorkFusion Intelligent Automation to become leaner, more productive and agile. Additional information is available at