Progressing with artificial hands

Making a working artificial hand has always been a great challenge in medicine. Even until now, most amputees without arms have to make use of hooks in place of their hands. Recently however, technology seems to get close to making a really functioning artificial hand. The artificial arm is called the DEKA arm, which is […]

Robot hand – fast as a bullet

Robot hand – fast as a bullet

The robot hand developed at Japan’s Ishikawa Komuro Lab, is so fast and skillful that it can complete many different tasks without errors and at very high speeds. The hand was first developed in 2007. The principle the robotic hand was built on is called “Skillful manipulation based on high speed sensory motor fusion”. The […]

Robot guide to direct hand movements

The device developed at George Mason University, which you can view by visiting the link below, helps patients with certain difficulties to be able to perform repetitive physical movements for therapy.This logic could soon be applied to a much more variety of physical tasks, which may enable to teach healthy people without any movement problems, […]

Adding more sensitivity to bionic hands

The robotic hand under development by the University of Southern California in Los Angeles has a new way of estimating the minimum force required in order to hold objects.The fingertips of the hand are filled with gel, which allows transmitting vibrations if an object in contact is slipping. The finger’s bone is also covered with […]