Human Robot arm with muscles

Human Robot arm with muscles

Today, motors and servos are used on a majority of robots that we use for various purposes, as well as on the robots in development stage. Artificial Muscles is one alternative way in robotics for providing force to moving structure of a robot. A German company called Festo, designed a robot arm based entirely on […]

Very strong artificial muscles created

At University of Texas Nanotech Institute, Scientists have created an artificial muscle that runs on alcohol and has the ability to generate strong forces in a short period of time. These muscles use chemical fuels instead of battery energy. The muscles use methanol, which has 30 times the energy storing capacity of a conventional battery. […]

Robo bat with artificial muscle

The new robo bat developed at North Carolina State University, USA, utilizes the artificial muscle concept, for flapping wings.The artificial muscle is made of a shape-memory metal alloy and smart matrials that responds to electricty. The advantage of using smaller flying robots over bigger flying counterparts with wings are their maneuverability in tight spaces and […]