Robot Operating System (ROS) continues its growth

Robot Operating System (ROS) continues its growth

Today by far the most commonly used robotics software is ROS, which stands for Robot Operating System. This is an open source software, and the most number of developers and robotics users are involved with this program with an ever increasing rate. It contains set of libraries, algorithms, developer tools and drivers for developing robotics […]

Robot Operating System grows exponentially

Open source robotics software ROS has marked it 3rd birthday as the number of code packages reached to 1600, and the number of participants keeps growing exponentially. The main advantage of an open source robotics platform is that once a robotics problem is solved, the rest of the coders are able to use that code […]

Building a Robot Operating System

Robot designing and building benefits greatly from common operating platforms, where different teams of designers can build on others work. Currently there exists quite a few operating systems, that have found use in many different applications and locations. See Robotic Magazine software page for a list that summarizes major systems. However, a common operating system […]