Researchers make artificial skin

UC California Berkeley researchers have developed an electronic skin that is capable of sensing touch as sensitive and as fast as the human skin does. The approach was to use a thin rubber film that also includes capacitors to measure the pressures. The new approach, once out of the lab, could find applications in medicine, […]

Optical sensors in robot skin

To improve the sensing ability of robot skin, a research team in Ghent University in Belgium have placed optical sensors in place of the traditional pressure sensors or motor resistance. The main problem with the traditional approach is the underlying electrical components and wires are too inflexible and also increase chances of electromagnetic interference. To […]

Skin that conducts electricity

A new rubber material has been developed by Japanese scientists that is able to flex but conduct electricity as well. The material can stretch as much as 38 percent before starting to loose its conductivity and conduct electricity 570 times more than a regular rubber. It can also be used to make flexible integrated circuits. […]