Bear: Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot

Robots that are designed to carry loads in environments where human can not enter safely are definitely needed everywhere, especially in the battlefield. Bear (Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot) developed by Vecna Robotics, is a highly capable semi humanoid robot, which is able to carry loads and humans up to 500 pounds (227 kg) and for long distances.

Although primarily considered as a military robot, BEAR has non military uses as well, such as logistics, surveillance, mine inspection, warehouse automation, hospital patient transfers and so on… The robot is able to balance itself in any position, regardless of the position of its legs.

BEAR is just another type of robot added to the growing variety of robots that we start to see everyday. RIBA for example, short for “Robot for Interactive Body Assistance” was also recently developed by researchers at Japan’s Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd. That one is also designed primarily to lift people but currently it is used in hospitals primarily and only able to lift loads up to 61 kg. See video below for BEAR: