Intel says brain implant chips to control computers in 10 years

According to the researchers at Intel, the largest computer chip maker in the world, we will have enough technology and all the means necessary to have computer chips implanted in our brains in 10 years, which will be able to control computers and all types of electronic devices and robots wirelessly, just by using brain waves.

To achieve this goal, an important step is to decode human brain activity, and Intel is working on that together with scientists at Carnegie Mellon University. A technique such as FMRI is used to measure brain activities and flow of blood based on the types of thoughts the brain processes.

A step that we will see before these chips, will be headsets that do the same job. They are well under development and closer to being commercialized and widely used. It is also obvious that by investigating more about the brain, technology will be able to build smarter chips.

One of the first fields that this concept will be used is probably the computer gaming but the applications seem to be limitless. A close version of the robot movie Surrogates might be a reality sooner than many people think.

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