The 5 technologies that will improve our lives

IBM recently announced the 7th annual 5 in 5, which is the 5 technologies likely to change the way we interact, work and live within the next 5 years. 5 human senses, which are the vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch will have a new meaning with the developing computer technologies and AI. For instance, by touching our cell phones to virtually anything we can think of, we will be able to get a great deal of information. By visual analysis, the computers will be able to detect and diagnose diseases with great accuracy. By analysis of millions of recipes at molecular level, computers will be able to come up with new recipes for our taste. Computers will “listen” to our surroundings and warn us about many possible outcomes, or can decipher baby talk for example. The examples are seemingly countless.

Below you can see one of the technologies discussed, sight. For others visit the respective youtube videos.