Zeno robot from Hanson Robokind

Photo Credit: Hanson Robokind

27 inch tall Zeno, one of Hanson Robokind latest humanoid robot creations, has been built on several years of research and promises potential. Zeno’s has a total of 36 degrees of freedom, weighs 5.7 kg and is 69 cm tall. The robot is capable of having conversations that shows compassion and provides help with education or helping learning of disabled children.

Zeno is particularly useful in providing a research platform to robotics researchers for an affordable price. The walking talking robot can also have millions have possible facial expressions. The android’s eyes has high definition cameras which can move to make facial expressions as well as moving independently. This is one of the features that equips him to have personal interactions.

Photo Credit: Hanson Robokind

To see a video of the robot and read more about it, please visit hansonrobokind.com

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