Electrical Circuit

An electrical circuit is a loop which provides a path for electric current (electric charge) to flow. This loop must be…

Conductors, Insulators, Semiconductors

Conductors: Conductors are the materials that easily allow flow of electric current upon application of voltage, such as copper. Conductivity is…

Sensors and Transducers

Sensors and transducers can sometimes be confused because they both react to some change in their environment but they are not…

Robotics Learning

Robot Actuation Systems

Robot Actuation Systems

Actuation in robotics means the systems that enable physical movement.…


Musk’s humanoid Optimus shows progress

Elon Musk has just tweeted about his humanoid robot Optimus. It seems that the android is now capable of locating his own limbs in space and in connection…

Improving Stability of Bipedal Robots

When building bipedal robots (robots that walk on 2 legs), ensuring stability is a primary objective. The following strategies are among the most important: 1- First of all,…

Drywall installer Robot

Drywall installer Robot

Japan’s new Humanoid Robot built by the Japanese Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute is able to install drywall:   Source : https://www.aist.go.jp/index_en.html…

Domestic / Industrial

Pipe mapping and repairing robot of CMU

Pipe mapping and repairing robot of CMU

Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute Researchers have developed a robot that can crawl inside natural gas pipelines to…

ABB aims to boost robot AI and mobility

ABB bought a Swiss tech company to improve its industrial robots’ AI and mobility capabilities. See full story…

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Company News

Collaborative Robot Market

Collaborative Robot Market

Technology overview Collaborative robots (also known as co-bots; an emerging automation technology) are designed to work alongside humans with precision, strength, and speed for…

Get ready for robolution!

Get ready for robolution!

How industrial robots will shape the work to come Industry 4.0 is one of the most discussed topic worldwide. All over the world, the…

Naturipe Berry Growers Invests in Harvest CROO Robotics

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                      CONTACT:    Gary Wishnatzki O: (813)498-4278 C: (813)335-3959 gw@harvestcroo.com     NATURIPE BERRY GROWERS INVESTS IN HARVEST CROO ROBOTICS Adds…

User Posts

Robots from Scrap Metal Parts

Robots from Scrap Metal Parts

Gille Monte Ruici is a French artist, based in Paris, He builds sculptures, essentially robots, exclusively using recycled scrap metal parts. He finds his materials in trash cans,…

A Swarm Robotics Study: mROBerTO

Underwater robot for hull cleaning


Autonomous Snowplow Competition

Autonomous Snowplow Competition

The Seventh Autonomous Snowplow Competition, taking place in conjunction with the Saint Paul Winter Carnival in Minnesota, began…



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