PowerVision Launches PowerEgg

Art Meets Technology as PowerEgg Combines Stunning Design and Aerodynamic Innovation

SAN MATEO, Calif., August 24, 2016 (Newswire.com) – PowerEgg™, the first consumer drone developed by PowerVisionTechnology Group, a worldwide leader in robotics and big data technologies, is now available for global pre-order.  With its unique egg-shaped robotic design and the industry’s first gesture recognition remote control, PowerEgg is the world’s most intuitive drone designed for both enthusiasts and first time drone owners. PowerEgg global pre-orders are now being taken at the PowerVisionOnline Store (https://store.powervision.me) with shipping scheduled in mid-October 2016.  Pre-order customers will receive aPowerEgg backpack valued at more than $200.

Fly PowerEgg Right Out of the Box

PowerEgg takes the consumer drone market to the next level with the world’s first gesture-based one-handed drone controller — PowerEgg Maestro™.  With PowerEgg Maestro, takeoff and landing can be done with the push of a button so that anyone can fly PowerEgg right out of the box. The one-handed remote has motion sensing capabilities, allowing the user to interact with and manipulate the drone in flight via gesture recognition through advanced, integrated accelerometers and gyroscopes. Users can control up-down, left-right, and near-far motions.

PowerVision separated the flight processor and base station from within PowerEgg Maestro to enable its one-handed gesture-based capability. This allows for future PowerEggand potentially third party controller and upgrade options. For users that require enhanced control, PowerEgg also comes with a traditional two-handed remote control.

“As an established innovator in the commercial drone industry, our goal was to take PowerVision’s technology expertise and package it in a form factor that everyone interested in flying a drone could relate with and enjoy immediately,” said Wally Zheng, Founder & Global CEO of PowerVision Technology Group. “We designed PowerEgg to be the consumer drone for everyone. It’s sleek, compact and portable but also easy to operate, making it simple for anyone to launch and capture special moments on camera.”

Feature-Rich in a Sleek and Smart Design

PowerEgg’s sleek and innovative design addresses user demand for easy drone portability with its pack-and-go features. It delivers long distance real-time video transmission up to five kilometers (approximately 3.1 miles), is equipped with HD video transmission and has a maximum flight time of approximately 23 minutes. With its optical positioning system, PowerEgg can fly indoors, low to the ground and in GPS-free areas. PowerEgg’s visual and ultrasonic sensors scan the ground beneath it for patterns, enabling it to identify its position and move accurately.

PowerEgg’s integrated 4K UHD camera can produce professional-grade photographs and videos with panoramic 360 degree views on a 3-axis gimbal, delivering stabilized aerial views with an immersive “spherical” experience. In addition, PowerEgg’s flight software includes multiple automated flight modes that let the user easily frame their shots while the PowerEgg automatically manages its flight path.  These PowerModes™ include Follow Me, Orbit, WayPoint, and Selfie mode, and are easily accessed through the iOSor Android user interface.

“With the power to enhance anyone’s lifestyle, PowerEgg is truly revolutionary.  For the first time a consumer drone delivers three key elements: stunning design, powerful features and operational simplicity,” said Chih-Che Tsai, CEO of PowerVision Robot Corporation, the U.S. subsidiary of PowerVision Technology Group. “Ideal for family fun or for professional use, PowerEgg is a one-of-a-kind flying camera for capturing special moments, unique experiences and your greatest adventures.”
Key Product Specifications

  • Weight –  4.6 lbs (Battery and propellers included)
  • Maximum Flight Speed – 13 m/s (Professional mode)
  • Maximum Ascent/Descent Speed – 5 m/s ascending; 2 m/s descending (Professional mode)
  • Maximum Flight Time –  Approx. 23 mins
  • Optical Positioning System Range – Altitude Range: 0.66 – 13.12 ft / Surface with clear pattern and adequate light (Lux >15)
  • Hover Accuracy – Vertical: +/- 0.1m (When optical positioning is active, 0.2 – 4 m); +/- 1 m / Horizontal: +/- 0.2m (Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting); +/- 1.5 m
  • Digital Image Resolution – UHD: 3,840 x 2,160 30p / FHD: 1,920 x 1,080 30/60/120p / HD: 1,280 x 720 60/120/240p / Photo: 4,254 x 3,264
  • Maximum Transmission Distance – Maximum 3.1 mi (Subject to regulation and local operating conditions).  Distance will be shorter for CE.
  • PowerEgg Flight Battery Capacity – 6400mAh

Pricing and Availability

PowerEgg is available worldwide in white and priced at $1,288 USD MSRP through the PowerVision Online Store (https://store.powervision.me). Users who order PowerEggduring the pre-order period (Aug. 24, 2016 through Sept. 30, 2016) will receive the standard package and a PowerEgg backpack (MSRP $218 USD). The standard package includes the PowerEgg aircraft, PowerEgg Maestro remote control, two-hand remote control, base station, PowerEgg smart battery and battery charger.

About PowerVision

PowerVision Technology Group is a worldwide leader in UAV technologies, products, and services with a corporate mission to innovate the future.  PowerVision’s lineup ranges from smart drones and robots, data visualization and forecasting, and virtual reality.  Founded in 2009, PowerVision Technology Group comprises nearly 500 employees in China, the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, and Finland. PowerVision Robot Corporation, based in San Mateo, Calif., is the U.S. subsidiary of PowerVision Technology Group.  To learn more about PowerVision Technology Group or PowerVision Robot Corporation, please visit www.powervision.me.  You may also connect with PowerVision Robot Corporation onFacebook (www.facebook.com/powervisionme/) and YouTube (www.youtube.com/c/PowerVisionRobot).